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\ Week 48 \ 2013


Brazilian states open up their data to combat corruption

The year 2013 has been one of protest in Brazil. People have taken to the streets campaigning for an end to political corruption, tired of shady deals done by politicians. Everyone wants more transparency and raw government data can be useful, shining a light on the dark corners of government...

The Global Open Data Initiative Needs Your Input
Open Knowledge Foundation

Open Data has enormous unfulfilled promise to change how governments work and to empower citizenship. As more governments and issue experts discover new potential in the public release of data, civil society groups still need clear guidelines and mechanisms for cooperation...

Free and Open Access to Sentinel Satellite Data
GIS lounge

The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced that free and open access to Sentinel satellite data will become available during the Copernicus operational phase. Copernicus is an earth observation program operated by a partnership of the European Commission (EC), European Space Agency (ESA), and the European Environment Agency (EEA).The European Delegated Act on Copernicus data and information policy provides for free, full and open access to users of environmental data from the Copernicus program which will include data gathered from the Sentinel satellites ...

A simple intro to open data
Data UK

If you have come to data.gov.uk wondering what open data is all about, this short guide will provide you with the basic information you need to start playing with government data and will point you to tools and resources that can help you further in working with open data. ...

Startups say open data legislation would lead to more innovation
SF examiner

Tech startups are rallying behind proposed open-data legislation that would wrest more information from city departments for technology innovation...

It Takes a Village: Taking Open Data to an Offline Community in Indonesia
World bank

Meet Gede Darmawan and Gede Sudiadnya, who live in the village of Desa Ban in Indonesia. These two young men were a part of a story of transformation, one that saw them turn from passive receivers of information to active engagers. It was a remarkable display of the potential power of open financial data....


Open Data for Development: aspirations and challenges
(Tue 26 Nov, Mozilla, London, UK)

What are the hopes and aspirations driving open data / open development and what are the challenges and obstacles ahead? Eliza Anyangwe (Guardian Global Development Professionals Network), (Open Data Institute), Heather Leson (OKFNlabs) and Claire Provost (Guardian Global Development) and about Open Data for Development at Mozilla London.


Four Pillars of Data Visualization (Open Talk) @ DataWeek 2013


Open Data Specialist (ODS)
Chatanooga public specialist

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